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Blowing Feathers to the EXTREME!!!

Handy Man
Ghetto Mario Bros
Mathias's Extreme Feather Blowing

Mathias's Extreme Feather Blowing!!!                     EXTREME!!!


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I finally got the screen shot to work!!! And I did the exact same thing!!! Computers are so funny....

        This is Mathias's Extreme Feather Blowing!!! The game were you blow a feather...   TO THE EXTREME!!!! Well, when Mathias first gave me the game to fix it was in pretty bad shape, but he had all the main sprites... the feather and the man. hehe. This game was originally his idea, but I added the F blocks, the Wind Up blocks, the score, and made it work, but this was definatly orignally his game so he gets most of the credit. Like I said, you blow a feather and get points, its more fun than it sounds...
Todays Top Score is 1000, so if you can beat that, email me a picture of your screen and you may be posted.

You've read it, you've played it, now tell me what you think!

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